Welcome to Beekeeper Data#

This is the user documentation site for Beekeeper Data.


Beekeeper Data is a hosted software platform for writing SQL queries, building reports, and sharing them with co-workers, customers, and executives.

Here's a quick walkthrough of Beekeeper features (developer focused):

Beekeeper Concepts#

Beekeeper has several key concepts:

  • Reports are collections of information that can be used directly by business users without the help of a developer. Data generated by a report can be customized easily with drop-down selections and input boxes. Reports are configured by developers.
  • Dashboards are pages of charts and tables designed to provide a high-level overview of a business, feature, or customer. A dashboard is great for disseminating performance metrics. Dashboards, like reports, are configured by developers
  • Email Reports are like Dashboards -- they are visualizations of useful information that are easy to read. However email reports can be delivered directly to the email inbox of the user, so they don't even need to know how to use Beekeeper. This is great for non-technical users or customers. Email reports must be configured by a developer.
  • Binders are collections of reports and dashboards with specific access rights attached to them. For example the 'sales' binder may contain useful reports and dashboards for the sales team.

Getting started#

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