Your Account#

Your administrator will send you an email invitation to Beekeeper. Upon receiving it, please choose a password. Once you have logged in, you will see a welcome screen with your reports and binders.

Business user homepage

Report & Binder Access#

As a business user, your account shows only the self-service reports and binders your administrator chooses. To view additional reports, or have new reports created, please contact your administrator.


Reports are organized into team, project, or subject binders.

List of all self-service reports:


List of all binders:


Run a Self-Service Report#

You can run a recently-run self-service report from your home screen or to access other reports, go to Reports or Binders in the Nav, or navigate through the binders listed on the home screen.

When running a report from the home screen, a modal will pop up with the parameters for your report. Choose what you need, and hit run.

Run report modal

Alternatively, if you navigate to the report screen, select what you need for your parameters here.

Report screen

Both methods will take you to the results screen, where you can choose to change your parameters again if you like. You can also filter or download your results here.

Results screen